Grades K-7 Classroom Assignments & Location

2021 SM Summer Academy Grades K-7 Classroom Assignments

The classes listed below are from summer 2021. Check back March 1, 2022 for a current list of course offerings.


*= teacher in their own classroom



School/ Room #

Course Name

Kelly Duncan

Valentine/ Room 30

Summer School Office

Joanne Javier

Valentine/  Room 25

Intro to Kinder

Dru Ann Crouch

Valentine/ Room 24

Intro to Kinder

Heidi Derrick


Valentine/ Room 20

Bridge to 1st Grade 

Camilla Higgins 

Valentine/ Room 21

Bridge to 1st Grade

Jen Murphy


Valentine/ Room 11

Bridge to 2nd grade

Macy Luk

Valentine/ Room 10

Bridge to 2nd grade

Tina Duong 


Valentine/ Room 37

Bridge to 3rd grade 

Richard Chung

Valentine/Room 35

Bridge to 3rd grade 

Heather Floyd 


Valentine/ Room 27

Bridge to 4th grade 

Vanessa Zamalloa

Valentine/Room 28

Bridge to 4th grade 

Michelle Ohm 

Valentine/ Room 4

Passionate about Painting 

Angel Solis

Valentine/ Little Theater

Indoor Outdoor Gaming

Amy Erenay

Valentine/ Room 22

STEM Lab with “Mystery Doug”



*= teacher in their own classroom


Stephanie Moffat


HMS / Room 308

Writing skills (6 )

Computer Game Design (6)

Elise Brunner


HMS/ Room 204 

Writing (7)

Study Skills (7)

Patrick Stopford


HMS/ Room 407

Film Making (4-7)

Kim Cheng

HMS/ Room 304

6th Grade Math (6)

Michelle Macedo 


HMS/ Room 113

Multi Dimensional Art (6-7)

Summer Cervantez

HMS/ Room 301

Mock Trial (4-7)

Jr. Model United Nations (4-7)

Jim Dahlstein 


HMS/ Room 303

Science Smorgasbord (5-7)