Block Schedule

Grades K-7

May 31-- July 8, 2021

Cost- $800

The classes listed below are from summer 2021. Check back March 1, 2022 for a current list of course offerings.


Intro to Kindergarten

Grade : K

Block:  8:30-11:30

Instructors- Joanne Javier and Dru Crouch (2 separate classes)

Lab Fee:  $10

LET'S GET READY FOR KINDERGARTEN! This introduction to kindergarten will give your child a feeling of self-confidence and familiarity with school routine. Engaging activities that foster social development and academic growth (reading, writing, and STEM) will be presented in this class. Students will be exposed to concepts and methods that will be used in kindergarten. They will also participate in other activities such as: daily art lessons, health and nutrition, and safety (with a visit from the San Marino Fire Department). KINDERGARTEN, HERE WE COME!

Bridge to 1st Grade 

Grade: 1 

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor- Heidi Derrick 

Lab Fee:  $10

Fun as we head into First Grade!!!  This course will provide students with exposure to the concepts and skills that will be used in first grade. The literature based portion of the block will reinforce and expand language arts skills to include  word blending, sight word recognition and writing centered around children’s books. During the  STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) portion of the class, students will strengthen number sense and  review essential skills for 1st grade through investigation and STEM challenges.  


Bridge to 2nd Grade

Grade: 2

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor- Jennifer Murphy

Lab Fee:  $10

This course will provide students with exposure to the methods and concepts that will be covered in second grade. Students will be able to practice their mathematical skills and strategies through games  and project based learning. This class will also cover oral and written language and puts a strong emphasis on grade level reading and writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to practice narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Students will read fiction and nonfiction texts. They will practice phonemic awareness as well as finding main characters, settings, story sequence, key details, and how to summarize.



Bridge to 3rd Grade- Language Arts

Grade: 3

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor- Tina Duong 

Lab Fee: $10

This class puts a strong emphasis on reinforcing grade level reading and writing skills through collaboration and hands-on activities. We will have the opportunity to practice narrative, opinion, and information writing. We will also read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, exploring characters, setting, plot, and main ideas and key details. Furthermore, this class will review, enrich, and challenge your incoming 3rd grader's number sense and math thinking through fun and play! 


Bridge to 4th Grade

Grade: 4

Block: 8:30-11:45

Instructor- Heather Floyd

Lab Fee:  $15

In this class we will go over ELA, Math, and Writing concepts to get you in tip-top shape for 4th grade work. Our Language Arts portion will focus on two novel studies. Students will work on their comprehension skills, create art, write multiple paragraph responses, write poetry, and enjoy all that the novels have to offer. For our Math, students will learn and practice the skills to be successful in 4th grade. Our focus will be to develop a deep understanding of how problems work. The lab fee includes the two novels that we study during this class.


6th Grade:  Writing, Critical Thinking, and Computer Skills

Grade: 6

Block: 8:30-11:45 

Instructor- Stephanie Moffat

Lab Fee:  $15

Jumpstart 6th grade writing, critical thinking, and computer literacy in this fun and engaging, activity-based course! Students will become clearer thinkers and communicators, learning to write superb sentences and paragraphs and practicing the insider’s tricks for responding to literature. They’ll explore different modes of writing (expository, argumentative, descriptive, etc.) and create a valuable reference guide -- an Interactive Writing and Skills Notebook -- for use in 6th grade and beyond. Students will also learn how to navigate middle school with explicit organizational, time management, and study skills strategies incorporated into class. Finally, students will exercise creativity and learn new computer skills producing slideshows, surveys, infographics, illustrated reports, and more! They can even create digital art and coding projects, if desired. Dedicated Chromebooks will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own device. This course is intended to be low-stress and fun, with high-impact results: helping new 6th-grade students gain confidence and skills to begin their middle school journey!

Indoor-Outdoor Gaming 

Grade: 1-5

Block: 8:30-11:45

Instructor:  Angel Solis 

Lab Fee:  $15

Critical thinking, sportsmanship, cooperative play, and respect will be emphasized and fostered during the course.  Students will use critical thinking skills during indoor games and learn how to work cooperatively playing outdoor games.  Indoor games will include chess, Jenga, checkers, card games, and table tennis.  Indoor games will also include weekly tournaments of all games.  Outdoor games will include traditional games such as kickball, softball, handball, etc.  Also included will be non-traditional games such as ultimate frisbee, team tag games, and flag tag.  

Ceramics and Painting/Drawing

Grades: 6-7

Block 8:30-11:45

Instructor- Michelle Macedo 

Lab Fee: $25

Let’s get our hands dirty by sculpting with clay and  papier mache! Explore and develop your painting technique and drawing skills with a strong focus on composition. Incorporate the elements and principles of design in each 2D and 3D art piece you design. Fun art games and reviews every Friday!


Film Making

Grades 4-7

Block:  8:30-11:45 

Instructor- Patrick Stopford 

Lab Fee:  None

Learn Filmmaking For : Vlogs, School Projects, Short Movies. Learn professional level camera shots, angles, story-boarding, script writing, film editing. Students will also learn Green Screen filming and editing. Students will make movies from idea/concept to finished productions. Everything broken down into easy steps. Students will participate in weekly student film-fest screenings: students will show their movies to the class. Instruction will be provided in person.  Students will work on film pieces and film study. Students will be provided with their own iPad and Chromebook or students can bring their own devices. Wearing masks are MANDATORY and social distancing will be practiced. Students will work inside and outside the classroom.  


Civil Citizens Block: Intro to Mock Trial and Jr. Model United Nations

Grades:  4-7

Block: 8:30-11:45 

Instructor- Summer Cervantez

Lab Fee:  $25  

Students enrolled in this block will have the opportunity to learn more about the United States’ justice system and global diplomacy by taking two different classes a day. Turn on those brains and get ready to exercise those critical thinking and public speaking skills in a fun, challenging, and active environment! Come join the HMS Mock Trial Coach, with special appearances by current and former HMS Mock Trial Team Members.    

Introduction to Mock TrialAre you always asking the important questions? Do you love to argue? Ever imagine what it was like to be a lawyer in a courtroom? Welcome to Mock Trial! Students will read and analyze legal cases, act out cases, and take part in trials as lawyers and witnesses in fictitious criminal cases. Students will acquire a better understanding of our judicial system and learn about the fundamentals of persuasion, practice their reasoning skills, and learn to think on their feet. 

Jr. Model United Nations:  Want to learn more about different countries? Want to understand what important issues face the global community? What will we students do in Junior Model United Nations?  Students will be assigned a country, actively research, debate, problem-solve, and write proposals on world issues, while simulating the committees of the United Nations.   Students will also participate in the campaigning and election process.  


Writing and Study Skills for Success!

Grade: 7

Block:  8:30-11:45 

Instructor:  Elise Brunner

Lab Fee:  $20 

Writing Skills: Whether you are a strong writer or you desire to improve your writing and critical thinking skills, you will get plenty of support and practice in this engaging, activity-based course! Each week, students will address a different mode of writing (i.e. expository, argumentative, narrative, descriptive) using the skills taught in class. Lessons will focus on structured skills and strategies which produce clear, organized, exemplary writing. Students will practice responding to prompts and claims, citing examples to support arguments, and much more! Additionally, students will read a selected novel and respond orally and in writing to literature-based questions. Students will create an Interactive Writing Skills Notebook aligned to Grade 7 Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This notebook will be a valuable reference guide for use in middle school and beyond.

Study Skills: Establishing effective study habits is critical to a student’s success in school.  This class will cover a variety of strategies that will help you boost your grades and set you up for academic success!  Some of the topics that will be covered in this class are time management, note-taking, goal setting and prioritizing, paper organization, test preparation, test-taking strategies, homework and project planning, and memorization techniques …. just to name a few!  Lessons are taught in a fun, engaging, and interactive manner.  Additionally, students will read a selected novel in class as a way to practice new study strategies.  The skills gained in this class will positively impact your life - both inside and outside the classroom!


6th Grade Math Fundamentals

Grade:  6

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor:  Kimberly Cheng

Lab Fee:  $10

If you are looking for a head-start on the HMS math curriculum and want your child prepared for the 2021-2022 school year - this is the class to build confidence.  This experienced 6th Grade Math Teacher at Huntington Middle School will be reviewing the math lessons taught in 5th grade and cover the 1st Quarter math curriculum in 6th Grade.  Concepts taught will be: Ratios and Rates, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Computing Multi-Digit Numbers, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. A math test will be administered each Friday to assess their understanding.


Passionate About Painting!

Grades:  2-5

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor- Michelle Ohm

Lab Fee:  $30

Have fun with drawing, painting, creativity boosters and more!  Each week we will focus on a different theme paired with literature to create artwork, while developing new painting and drawing techniques in the process. Every Friday we will enjoy a gallery show featuring that weeks’ projects, and play fun creative games to unwind before the weekend!


STEM LAB with “Mystery Doug” 

Grades: 3-5

Block:   8:30-11:45

Instructor- Amy Erenay

Lab Fee: $40

Get ready to engineer problem/solution tools, build, code, and garden! The STEM Lab offers a creative space to inspire kids as they experiment with important STEM concepts and cutting edge technology. Whether you’ve got a future engineer, architect, technology whiz or scientist in your midst, this class allows students to learn, create, and explore!


Science Smorgasboard

Grades: 5-7

Block:  8:30-11:45

Instructor- Jim Dahlstein 

Lab Fee: $40

This engaging, hands-on science class will challenge students as they design and create STEM- integrated projects. Major topics and activities will include: Magnetism and electricity, solar power (ovens and cars), blueprint design and construction of balsa wood towers and bridges, rocketry, and food science.This class is the perfect platform for learning various math, science, and engineering topics. Still going strong after 18 years, this course fills up quickly, so enroll your child today!