Block Schedule

Block Classes 

Grades TK-7

June 10 - July 19, 2024

8:30 - 11:45

Cost- $900


  • All classes are for enrichment only- no grade or credit will be given.
  • Please register your student in the grade they will enroll in for the 2024-25 school year.
  • Full refunds will be granted up to May 17, 2024 @midnight.  No refunds will be issued after May 17th @ midnight.


Intro to TK

Grade: TK
Block: 8:30-11:30
Instructor: Rebecca Williams

Lab Fee: 15

is class is intended to give young learners a running start. We provide a warm, secure, and stimulating environment to foster growth of your child as they discover a passion for learning. Children will learn foundational social, emotional, and pre-academic skills that will provide a firm foundation in their entire educational career. We will provide child-centered activities for our young learners to thrive and grow to their fullest potential. Our lessons, activities, and projects are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate for our young learners. Most importantly, our children will have an opportunity to build relationships with their peers.


Intro to Kindergarten
Grade : K
Block: 8:30-11:30
Instructors- Joanne Javier and Mandy Donohoe

Lab Fee: 10

Calling all incoming kindergarteners! Get ready to meet new friends, build self-confidence, socialization skills, and become familiar with school routine. Students entering kindergarten in August 2024 are welcome to enroll and join us for a fun-filled summer! We will focus on important skills including reading, handwriting, math, and science, which will help your child form a foundation for future learning as they enter kindergarten. In addition to these foundational skills, students will have the opportunity to participate in daily physical activities, art, gardening, and safety day with our very own San Marino Fire Department! We hope to see you at the San Marino Summer Academy!


Bridge to 1st Grade
Grade: 1
Block: 8:30-11:45
Instructors - Brian Jehue and Anonah Smith

Lab Fee: 10

Fun as we head into First Grade!!! is course will provide students with exposure to the concepts and skills that will be used in first grade. e literature based portion of the block will reinforce and expand language arts skills to include word blending, sight word recognition and writing centered around children’s books. During the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) portion of the class, students will strengthen number sense and review

essential skills for 1st grade through investigation and STEM challenges. Activities and projects will be based on the state standards and will help the students further develop the skills and behaviors to be successful in first grade. Next Generation Science and math concepts will be a focus.


Bridge to 2nd Grade
Grade: 2
Block: 8:30-11:45
Instructor- Sarah McPhillips & TBD

Lab Fee: 10

is course will provide students with exposure to the methods and concepts that will be covered in second grade. Students will be able to practice their mathematical skills and strategies through games and project based learning. is class will also cover oral and written language and puts a strong emphasis on grade level reading and writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to practice narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Students will read fiction and nonfiction texts. ey will practice phonemic awareness as well as finding main characters, settings, story sequence, key details, and how to summarize.


Bridge to 3rd Grade
Grade: 3
Block: 8:30-11:45
Instructor- Tina Duong & TBD

Lab Fee: 10

e class is focused on reinforcing grade-level skills through collaboration and hands-on activities. We will read a range of fiction and nonfiction texts and examine story structure, main ideas, and key details. We will also practice narrative, information, and opinion writing. Furthermore, this class will review, enrich, and challenge incoming 3rd graders' number sense and mathematical thinking through exploration and play!


Bridge to 4th Grade
Grade: 4
Block: 8:30-11:45
Instructor- Samantha Edmonds and Vanessa Zamalloa

Lab Fee: 15

In this class we will go over ELA, Math, and Writing concepts to get you in tip-top shape for 4th grade work. Our Language Arts portion will focus on two novel studies. Students will work on their comprehension skills, create art, write multiple paragraph responses, write poetry, and enjoy all that the novels have to ofer. For our Math, students will learn and practice the skills to be successful in 4th grade. Our focus will be to develop a deep understanding of how problems work. The lab fee includes the two novels that we study during this class.


Bridge to 5th Grade
Grade: 5
Block: 8:30-11:45
Araceli Brambila

Lab Fee: 15

Let’s get ready for 5th grade! In this class we will go over ELA, Math, Writing and Study Skills to prepare you for the challenges of 5th grade. Our Language Arts portion will focus on two novel studies in order for students to practice comprehension strategies, vocabulary and writing skills to produce multi-paragraph responses and related art projects. Our math will focus on developing a deeper understanding of how problems work with a large focus on mental math, communicating their strategies and solidifying foundational skills that will make them successful in 5th grade through fun math games and group activities.


Students must be registered based on the grade-level they are entering as of August 2024. Please remember and note, registration is on a “first received, first enrolled” basis.


Full refunds will be granted up to May 17, 2024 @midnight.  No refunds will be issued after May 17th @ midnight.