Classes TK-7 » Period 1: 8:30-10:00

Period 1: 8:30-10:00

June 5- July 14, 2023

Cost- $450

Please note: Summer 2023 schedule will post in March of 2023.


Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Indoor-Outdoor Gaming 

Grade: 4-6

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:   Angel Solis 

Lab Fee:  $15

Critical thinking, sportsmanship, cooperative play, and respect will be emphasized and fostered during the course.  Students will use critical thinking skills during indoor games and learn how to work cooperatively playing outdoor games.  Indoor games will include chess, Jenga, checkers, card games, and table tennis.  Indoor games will also include weekly tournaments of all games.  Outdoor games will include traditional games such as kickball, softball, handball, etc.  Also included will be non-traditional games such as ultimate frisbee, team tag games, and flag tag.  


7th Grade Writing

Grade: 7

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Elise Brunner

Lab Fee:  $15

Whether you are a strong writer or you desire to improve your writing and critical thinking skills, you will get plenty of support and practice in this engaging, activity-based course!  Each week, students will address a different type of writing (i.e. expository, argumentative, narrative, descriptive) utilizing skills taught in class.  Lessons will focus on structured strategies which produce clear, detailed, and organized writing.  Students will practice responding to prompts and claims, citing examples to support arguments, and much more!  Additionally, students will read a selected novel and respond orally and in writing to literature-based questions.  Students will receive a binder to hold all materials which will serve as a useful resource in the 2022 - 2023 school year!


Visual Art 

Grades:  1-4

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Michelle Ohm

Lab Fee:  $30

Visual Art: Painting and Drawing   Explore painting and drawing techniques in this summer intensive class.  Students will have full use of all the art studio's materials in order to make as many works of art as they want.  We will review observational skills and the elements of Art as well as work with our imaginations.  Students will learn about contemporary artists and find their own creative voices.


Fundamental Football

Grades: 5-7

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Hendika Firmansyah

Lab Fee:  $10

We will strive to build character and leadership through hard work in teaching our youth proper mechanics of football skills such as; rules of the game, proper throwing mechanics, catching, footwork, blocking, conditioning, and many more facets of the game of football. 


Basketball 101

Grades: 2-6

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Jean Pierre (Coach JP)

Lab Fee:  $5

This class focuses on the basic  basketball fundamentals which ensure success at every level. 

Daily dribbling, passing and shooting drills are reinforced with end of class games/scrimmages.

Period 1 will be a beginner class - fundamentals, rules of the game and basic techniques


Tennis: Game, Set, Match, FUN!

Grades: 1-4

Period 1: 8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Coach Roger Hollomand 

Lab Fee:  $5

Tennis camp for beginners and non-competitive kids run by a certified professional coach. 

The perfect class if your child is considered a true beginner and is grade 1-4. Be sure to have age appropriate racquets, hats, and bring water and snacks.


Ready, Set, ART!

Grades: k-2

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Nicole Mendoza

Lab Fee:  $15

Ready, Set, ART! Learn to express yourself through various art projects. Each artist will explore and make beautiful masterpieces. We will use our individuality to express ourselves. We will also work towards strengthening our artistic abilities like scissor skills, gluing, and painting.  


Volleyball 101

Grades: 2-6

Period 1: 8:30-10:00

Instructor: Jackson Wong

Lab Fee: $5

Bump, Set, Spike!!! This class will focus on the fundamentals of volleyball and learning the basics of serving, passing, hitting & setting. Lessons and drills are designed to encourage simple movement, ball control, communication, and teamwork. This class will be a fun introduction to volleyball and is designed for new players and beginners.


Mandarin for Beginners

Grades: 1-3

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Kim Cheng

Lab Fee:  $20

Ni hao! Have your English speaking child learn Mandarin in a safe and fun environment!   We'll learn basic vocabulary, phrases, and study different cultures. Prerequisite: foundational reading and writing skills in English. 


Musical Moments!

Grades: 1-5

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Rebecca Carr

Lab Fee:  $10

Calling all musicians and aspiring musicians who are interested in learning ukulele, drumming, piano, and writing their own songs. Look no further, because we will be doing it all this summer! Students will have fun as they choose music that they want to learn and perform, while learning more about the instruments, musical concepts, creating music and performing together. This course will have a small performance the last week of summer school to showcase the students and what they learned!


Play Ball!

Grades: 6-7

Period 1:  8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Coach Graham Lewis

Lab Fee:  $10

Come  catch a good time and develop your baseball skills while strengthening your approach on the field mentally. This course is designed to improve players' mental and physical abilities on the field with a unique training and development program suited to each player's level. This class is rigorous and beneficial for all players who love the game and want to get better!


Arts and Crafts from Around the World!

Grades:  4- 7

Period 1:8:30-10:00

Instructor:  Kellee Sung

Lab Fee $15

Roll up your sleeves and unleash your creativity!  Explore arts and crafts from Asia, Mexico, Central America, and more!  We will make unique projects which represent different countries and learn the history behind them.  This course is designed for upper grade students who enjoy hands-on activities and are open to learning about different cultures. 


Students must be registered based on the grade-level they are entering as of August 2022. Please remember and note, registration is on a “first received, first enrolled” basis.


Full refunds will be granted up to May 14, 2023 @midnight.  No refunds will be issued after May 14th @ midnight.