Classes TK-7 » Period 2: 10:20-11:45

Period 2: 10:20-11:45

Period 2

Grades TK-7

June 5- July 14, 2023

Cost- $450 per class


  • All classes are for enrichment only- no grade or credit will be given.
  • Please register your student in the grade they will enroll in for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Full refunds will be granted up to May 14, 2023 @midnight.  No refunds will be issued after May 14th @ midnight.



Basketball 101

Grades: 3-6

Period 2: 10:20-11:45

Instructor:  Jean Pierre (Coach JP)

This class will be a fun and focused look into the basic to intermediate fundamentals of basketball. Dribbling, passing and shooting drills will always be integrated into team play at the end of class. Games played will include many of the school yard games kids play today.  The end goal is to supply each player with skills that will enhance their play and enjoyment of the game of basketball. A great class for beginners and intermediates.  


Computer Skills and Game Design for Middle Schoolers

Grades: 6-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Stephanie Moffat 

This is a fun, flexible, and creative  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) course for students at all levels of computer literacy! Critical thinking and collaboration skills are enhanced as students learn how to produce digital escape rooms, online artwork, infographics, and more! All levels of  coding skills lessons will be available to interested students! Finally, students will learn how to design  their very own online computer games through engaging games-based lessons, ultimately creating computer games that they can publish and share! 


Fun Film Making

Grades:  4-7

Period 2: 10:20-11:45

Instructor:  Patrick Stopford 

Fun Film Making: Learn how to make videos for YouTube, class projects,podcasts, web streaming. This wildly fun, hands-on and interactive class will show you how to film, script-write, edit, and use a green screen for video productions. You will learn how to become totally creative with many types of video production tips, tricks and hacks. Learn how Hollywood shoots movies with different camera angles and video special effects. You will direct, write, edit and film your own movies with iPads, iMovie, and CapCut. Sign Up Now and become a STAR!!


Fundamental Weight Training  

Grades: 5-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Dika Firmansyah

Fundamental weight training will introduce students  to learning about proper and safe weight training for everyday life. Our students will learn safe techniques in using different equipment in our state of the art HMS fitness room facility.  Students will  broaden  their knowledge  on physical health and incorporate proper stretching, warmups and cool down techniques. We will create a fun learning environment for all  to enjoy and build on  the basic knowledge of proper weight training as an outcome from this class.


Indoor-Outdoor Gaming 

Grade: 1-3

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:   Angel Solis 

Critical thinking, sportsmanship, cooperative play, and respect will be emphasized and fostered during the course.  Students will use critical thinking skills during indoor games and learn how to work cooperatively playing outdoor games.  Indoor games will include chess, Jenga, checkers, card games, and table tennis.  Indoor games will also include weekly tournaments of all games.  Outdoor games will include traditional games such as kickball, softball, handball, etc.  Also included will be non-traditional games such as ultimate frisbee, team tag games, and flag tag.  


Model Making Fun

Grades: 4-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Neil Almoite  

Model Building has been offered as a Summer School class for over 40 years in San Marino. Many of our previous students have gone on to professions including engineering, dentistry, medicine and sciences. Model building improves reading comprehension, the ability to complete sequential activities, promotes patience and builds confidence in young students. Modelers provide their own kits and materials available at local stores. Most students succeed well with level 2-3 kits with some graduating to level 4. Most kits are automobiles, airplanes, ships or anatomical models. 


Musical Theater 

Grades: 1-5

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Vanessa Gamble 

Does your child love to sing and dance? Are they often dramatic and enjoy acting over the top?

This Musical theater class provides the outlet they need to direct their creative energy into a fun

performance! In this course students will be learning scenes from popular plays and musicals.

Each scene is carefully chosen so there is a part for every child, at every level of skill. Students

can choose what aspect they are comfortable participating in- be it only acting and stage movement, or incorporating dance and singing, or running backstage and tech operations.  Students will improve in various skills based on the show that most interests them- but most importantly, students will have fun as they learn a bit about the theater, its history, and performing. This course will culminate in a musical showcase!


Science Smorgasboard

Grades: 5-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor- Jim Dahlstein 

Have your child feast on a cornucopia of hands-on science activities designed to stimulate their creativity and curiosity in science. Major topics include: Magnetism, electricity, solar power, cooking chemistry, and blueprint & construction with balsa wood. This class is the perfect platform for learning various math, science, and engineering skills. Students will construct working motors, draw blueprints and construct balsa towers and bridges to be tested for strength, harness the sun's energy, build solar cars and ovens, and make homemade ice cream.  Still going strong after 20 years, this course fills up quickly, so enroll today. 


Spanish  for Beginners

Grades: 2-5

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Yvonne Mejia  

Uno - Dos - Tres!  Who is ready to learn Spanish?  We will be learning the alphabet, numbers, greetings, about family, home and school by PLAYING fun games and skill-building activities.  We will learn how to order off a menu in Spanish and enjoy a festive lunch the last week of summer school.


Study Skills for Success 

Grade: 5-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Elise Brunner

Establishing effective study habits is critical to a student’s success in school.  This class will cover a variety of strategies that will help you boost your grades and set you up for academic success!  Some of the topics that will be covered in this class are time management, note-taking, goal setting and prioritizing, paper organization, test preparation, test-taking strategies, homework and project planning, and memorization techniques …. just to name a few!  Lessons are taught in a fun, engaging, and interactive manner.  Additionally, students will read a selected novel in class as a way to practice new study strategies.  The skills gained in this class will positively impact your life - both inside and outside the classroom!


The Wacky and Wonderful World of Rube Goldberg...and Dominoes!  

Grades:  5-7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Summer Cervantez 

Students will explore the wacky and wonderful engineering world of Rube Goldberg, learn about basic engineering and physics principles, and design and build their own Rube Goldberg machines. Additionally, students will learn the art of domino building and toppling. Students will be actively involved with research, public speaking, and hands-on, collaborative learning. Want to learn more about Rube? Visit


Visual Art 

Grades:  3-5

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor- Michelle Ohm

Visual Art: Painting and Drawing   Explore painting and drawing techniques in this summer intensive class.  Students will have full use of all the art studio's materials in order to make as many works of art as they want.  We will review observational skills and the elements of Art as well as work with our imaginations.  Students will learn about contemporary artists and find their own creative voices.


6th Grade Math Enrichment

Grade: 6

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Georgia Giannoulias 

This course will provide students with exposure to the Math curriculum that will be covered in 6th grade. This course is a review of basic mathematical principles needed for success in 6th grade, including a review of fractions, decimals, basic computation, and percentages. Students will be able to practice their mathematical skills and strategies through games  and project based learning.


7th Grade Math Get Ahead 

Grade: 7

Period 2: 10:20-1145

Instructor:  Molly Egan 

Want to be challenged in Math?  This course will provide students the skills needed to be ready for Pre Algebra. This course dive deep into the  following standards:  1. Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems. 2. Apply and extend previous understandings of operations with fractions. 3. Use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions. 4. Solve real-life and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions and equations.  Students will be able to practice their mathematical skills and strategies through games  and project based learning.


Students must be registered based on the grade-level they are entering as of August 2023. Please remember and note, registration is on a “first received, first enrolled” basis.


Full refunds will be granted up to May 14, 2023 @midnight.  No refunds will be issued after May 14th @ midnight.