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Period 1 8:30-10:00

June 3- July 12, 2019

$400 per class



Busy Brains:  Odyssey of the Mind

Grade 4-7

Period 1  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Summer Cervantez

Do you like brainstorming, building, performing, and teamwork? Do you always know more than one way to solve a problem? Are you creative, or want to learn to be more creative? Odyssey of the Mind is for you! This course is based on the well-recognized Odyssey of the Mind program, a respected and global problem solving competition. This course introduces students to both critical and creative thinking demands. This course combines art, drama, science, crafts, and analysis in a student-centered environment. Students work as teams to solve many brain teasers and hands-on problems. The course emphasizes teaching students to communicate and resolve conflict through group collaboration.


Hang Ten, Make fun Art

Grades 4-6

Period 1 -8:30-10:00  

Instructor- Kyunghee Poneck AKA Ms. Ogita

Have fun with drawing, painting,  printmaking, fabric art, play with clay and more!  Join the fun filled art making while developing art techniques as well.  Every week there will be different genre of art introduced. We will have a mini summer art show the last week of summer school.  


Film Making

Grades 5-7

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Patrick Stopford

Learn Film Making For : Vlogs, School Projects, Short Movies. Learn professional level camera shots, angles, story-boarding, script writing, film editing. Students will also learn Green Screen filming and editing. Students will make movies from idea/concept to finished productions. Everything broken down into easy steps. Students will participate in weekly student film-fest screenings: students will show their movies to the class.


Bridge to 1st Grade- Language Arts

Grade 1

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Heidi Derrick

This course will provide students with exposure to the common core concepts and methods that will be in use in first grade. The Reading portion of the block will reinforce and expand language arts skills. Special emphasis will foster successful word blending, word recognition, sight word vocabulary, sentence writing as well as reading. Parents will need to select both the Bridge to 1st Grade Block English and the Bridge to 1st Grade Block Math when registering to be signed up for both classes.


Bridge to 2nd Grade- Language Arts

Grade 2

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Jodi Fitzgibbons

Students entering second grade in the fall of 2019 may enroll in this block class. Students will benefit from two periods of instruction, a block of Language Arts and a block of Mathematics. The Language Arts block will focus on the acquisition of 2nd-grade level Common Core Language Arts standards. This oral and written language block puts a strong emphasis on grade level reading and writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to practice narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Students will read fiction and nonfiction texts. They will practice phonemic awareness as well as finding main characters, settings, story sequence, key details, and how to summarize. Parents will need to select both the Bridge to 2nd Grade English and the Bridge to 2nd Grade Math when registering to be signed up for both classes..


Indoor & Outdoor Gaming

Grades 4-7

Period 1  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Angel Solis

Students will use critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategy during activities which include Chess, checkers, Jenga, Operation, Monopoly, Trouble, Crazy Bones, a variety of card games, and more. Students will participate in contests & tournaments to apply strategy, and critical thinking skills learned during the course. Who will be our Chess champion? Outdoor activities include students participating in many popular fun traditional games like basketball, soccer, non-traditional kickball, and water-filled activities. Traditional games will focus on fitness for life, cooperative game play, and sportsmanship. To cool off students will be involved in activities participating in water wars, water speed hoops, and water tunnel dodgeball, using sponge balls.


Intro to Kindergarten

Grade- K

Period 1 and 2  8:30-11:30

Instructor- DruAnn Crouch & Joanne Javier

This introduction to kindergarten will give the child a feeling of self-confidence and familiarity with school routine. Many fun and interesting activities that foster social development and academic growth will be presented in this class. Students will be introduced to math, reading, writing, and science concepts using the Common Core. Other activities that will be presented are: daily art lessons, health and nutrition, and safety (with a visit from the San Marino Fire Dept.) Pick-up and drop-off for all Kinder families will be at the Kinder Circle off of Huntington Drive.


Jurassic World

Grade 1-3

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Amy Erenay

ROAR!!!  Paleontology is the study of ancient life, from dinosaurs to prehistoric plants, mammals, fish, insects, fungi, and even microbes. Fossil evidence reveals how organisms changed over time and what our planet was like long ago.

Students will explore dinosaur-related content as they find out about a recent dinosaur discovery, study the characteristics of some better-known dinosaurs, classify dinosaurs using a timeline, craft questions to a dinosaur expert, and use prior knowledge to answer fun and interesting questions about dinosaurs. This class with cover math concepts, science, writing, technology, and art!


Let’s Talk Spanish!

Grades 4-6

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Yvonne Mejia

Let’s have fun while learning to speak Spanish. The focus of this class is to enable your child in having simple conversations in Spanish. We will be building our vocabulary, conversing through practice and discussion of current events, culture, music, and food. To help us achieve our goal, we will also be playing a variety of games like Spanish Bingo, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, La Loteria and Toma Todo. We will learn to order food from a menu and complete a simple food project in class.


Writing Skills for 6th Grade

Grade 6

Period 1  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Stephanie Moffat

Jumpstart 6th grade writing and critical thinking skills in this engaging, activity-based course! Students will create a 3-D Interactive Writing Skills Notebook aligned to Grade 6 Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Each week they will practice a different mode of writing (expository, argumentative, descriptive, etc.) using the skills learned. Focus is on writing and thinking skills that produce clear, exemplary writing. We’ll let dead verbs “rest-in-peace,” create superb sentences and paragraphs, and learn the insider’s tricks for responding to literature. Students at all levels will gain the confidence to be effective middle school thinkers and writers. The Writing Skills Notebook the student produces will be a valuable reference guide for use in middle school and beyond.



Science Smorgasboard

Grades 4-7

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Jim Dahlstein

This engaging, hands-on science class will challenge students as they design and create STEM- integrated projects. Major topics and activities will include: Magnetism and electricity, solar power (ovens and cars), blueprint design and construction of balsa wood towers and bridges, rocketry, and food science.This class is the perfect platform for learning various math, science, and engineering topics. Still going strong after 18 years, this course fills up quickly, so enroll your child today!



Grades 1-3

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Izaro Telleria

The STEM Lab offers a creative space to inspire kids as they experiment with important STEM concepts and cutting edge technology. Whether you’ve got a future engineer, architect, technology whiz or scientist in your midst, this class allows students learn, create, and explore!


Writing Skills for 7th Grade

Grade 7

Period 1 8:30-10:00

Instructor- Elise Brunner

Whether you’re a strong writer or you desire to improve your writing and critical thinking skills, you will get plenty of support and practice in this engaging, activity-based course! Each week, students will address a different mode of writing (i.e. expository, argumentative, narrative, descriptive) using the skills learned. Students will create an Interactive Writing Skills Notebook aligned to Grade 7 Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The focus of the class is on structured skills and strategies which produce clear, organized, exemplary writing. Students will practice responding to prompts and claims, citing examples to support arguments, and much more! The Interactive Writing Skills Notebook that each student produces will be a valuable reference guide for use in middle school and beyond.


6th Grade Math Fundamentals

Grade 6

Period 1  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Chrystal Dahlstein

If you are looking for a head-start on the HMS math curriculum and want your child prepared for the 2019-2020 school year - this is the class to build confidence.  This experienced 6th Grade Math Teacher at Huntington Middle School will be reviewing the math lessons taught in 5th grade and cover the 1st Quarter math curriculum in 6th Grade.  Concepts taught will be: Ratios and Rates, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Computing Multi-Digit Numbers, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. A math test will be administered each Friday to assess their understanding.


The Art of Reading

Grades 3-5

Period 1  8:30-10:00

Instructor- Lisa Goyco

"The Wild Robot," "Drama," "The Land of Stories"...Create art inspired by some of the most popular (and loved!) books for 4th and 5th graders! Learn paper mache, mask making, and other paper arts while strengthening reading comprehension skills such as characterization, inferencing, and summarizing. This fun-filled course will turn reading into an artistic journey!