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Grades K-7


San Marino Summer Academy is thrilled to announce that classes for grades K-7 will be “in person”!  All safety guidelines will be followed, as outlined by Los Angeles Department of Public Health.


  • Class sizes will max at 14 students. (Space this summer is very limited!)
  • Students will stay within their stable cohort all throughout the block:  8:30-11:45.
  • Students and staff will wear masks at all times.
  • COVID-19 screening will be required for all individuals, including staff and students before entering the campus. 
  • If a student tests positive for COVID 19, they will not be permitted on campus until proof of negative test can be presented.  There will be NO refund for days missed.  This has been our absence policy in previous years.  
  • Should an individual be identified as a "close contact," meaning the individual was within 6 feet for 15+ minutes or may have been exposed to bodily fluids (ie., sneezed on) to the positive-tested case, the close contact individual is directed to quarantine and get tested.
  • All classes will engage in social distancing.  
  • Hand washing and sanitizing will take place before entering the class, during class, and before leaving campus. 
  • San Marino Summer Academy will follow the exact same COVID-19 protocols as adopted by SMUSD.
  • Full refunds will be granted up to May 14th at 3:00 PM.  No refunds will be issued after May 14th at 3:00 PM.


I find great comfort in knowing that our students will have the opportunity to strengthen academic skills, explore a passion, or just try something new this summer.  It is my expectation that all our summer courses will provide some structure for students during the summer, while helping to maintain a connection with peers.  I look forward with hope and anticipation for the day we are all together again.


Stay healthy,

Kelly Duncan


PT Affiliates | San Marino Summer Academy Grades K-7



Grades 8-12


The purpose of this letter is to communicate transparency and rationale related to the administration of the 2021 grades 8-12 San Marino Summer Academy prior to the registration period opening. My wish is to communicate clearly and genuinely around the topic of on campus versus remote learning prior to the opening of the registration window to better inform your decisions. This letter has been drafted on Friday, March 12th, and reflects COVID-19 policy and guidelines only as of this date. This specific letter will not be revised or updated.


We are committed to operating our athletic programs on campus this summer. I am confident that, given current COVID-19 case rate trends in addition to a now experienced community and student-athlete population, as well as the lessened restrictions on stable cohorts, we can facilitate a fulfilling and purposeful summer school athletics experience for our students on campus.


Social distancing requirements are the most significant barrier to administering a fully on campus classroom instruction model for the summer. These requirements produce significant complexities for an instructional program, revolving primarily around a heavy stress on resources in the form of teachers and facilities. Given the nature of summer school as a heavy consolidation of curriculum and instruction from an entire year into six weeks, it becomes imperative to honor and protect this environment and our teachers’ ability to deliver the education students are receiving high school credit for the following year.


Should social distancing requirements remain in place through the start date of summer school, classroom instruction is likely to be remote, with athletics being on campus. Should social distancing requirements be reduced or even eliminated prior to the start of the summer school program, the community can expect an on campus delivery of classroom instruction.


This summer school program provides a great deal of access to students not only wishing to earn credit in advance, but also students needing remedial instruction. It is critical that we offer a program that provides the most access and opportunity to the greatest number of students, and our instructional model must reflect a commitment to providing that access and opportunity.



Ryan Kachold


PT Affiliates | San Marino Summer Academy Grades 8-12